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Meet The ‘Fantastic Five’ and Their Trainers Who Are Ensuring That People Living in the Society Wear a Face Mask.
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Meet The ‘Fantastic Five’ and Their Trainers Who Are Ensuring That People Living in the Society Wear a Face Mask.

Due to Coronavirus or COVID-19, the Tamil Nadu government has made it compulsory for all citizens to wear a face mask. But some people are not able to afford these masks and either there are enough quality masks available.

Since five differently-abled people have come up in front to make sure that people be safe from the coronavirus. Bhanu, Fatima, Nitya, Anu, and Akshaya are the five girls from a Chennai-based Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust, which is a residential facility that works for children with intellectual disabilities that are left alone by their parents.

On 14 April when the state government had announced that people should wear a face mask. Since then these girls and their trainers are busy every day from 10 am to 5.30 pm making cotton multi-layered reusable face masks for all the needy families, the masks are also globally approved benchmarks.

The Founder of The Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust, Iyappan Subramaniyan said, "We realized that not everyone would be able to afford face masks. For the last one year, our members have been learning tailoring as part of the vocational curriculum at the trust and we decided to use those skills to make face masks for people who are poor, homeless, disabled and also migrant workers."

The five girls are the ‘Fantastic Five’ according to Iyappan who has given them all the credits as they are the 'architects of the initiative’. Under the guides of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention website, at the start, they used to make 100 masks a day and now 200 per day. The CDCP is a United States-based leading national public health institute. The site provides information on how to make a safe and comfortable multiple layer mask.

After seeing his elder brother suffering from Down syndrome Iyappan went to help the differently-abled community. He said, for the society who has always been there for the Chennai-based Trust, this is a way of their contribution to the people. After seeing his elder brother suffering from Down syndrome, Iyappan went to help the differently-abled community.

Members of the public and various organizations have come up with a flood of orders for the masks. The center sells out 100 masks to the public at an affordable price 15 INR per mask, other 100 are been giving for free.

Image credit: CGTN/ YouTube Screencap

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