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Meet ‘Wheelchair Boy'
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Meet ‘Wheelchair Boy'

Hi. I just thought I’d do a quick introduction before I begin posting on Rolling Without Limits.

My real name is Glen Shorey and I spend most of my days writing, mainly on my blog ( where I speak about life in a wheelchair. I live near London but disability issues are pretty much the same around the world so hopefully you’ll be interested wherever you are from. The main reason I started The Adventures of Wheelchair Boy was to make others more aware of the challenges disabled people face and therefore help society to become less ignorant. Disability is hardly covered in the mainstream media so it’s up to people like ‘Wheelchair Boy’ to shine some light on the subject.

A common question when people read my blog is “why do you refer to yourself as ‘Wheelchair Boy’?” The answer is I’m not being totally serious. It’s more of a tongue in cheek joke, poking fun at the ignorant majority who, because of the wheelchair, see me as a child eventhough I am 20 years old. I must also warn you that my life isn’t always exciting as ‘The Adventures’ part may suggest so don’t be too disappointed if I write about mundane subjects such as public transport or financial contribution to care. They sound boring but are important issues in my life that I need to get off my chest.

I’ll try to post on Rolling Without Limits every week but I can’t make any promises as I have a few other writing projects/commitments. In the meantime, please read and share my blog, because I want my posts to reach as many people as possible. If you’re on Facebook, please like my page: or if you’re on Twitter, please follow @goonerglen1 for updates about my latest post. Bye for now!

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