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Mind-bending Rowheels
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Mind-bending Rowheels

Wheelchairs have undoubtedly made life easier for those who are handicapped and unable to move. Unfortunately, wheelchairs that were used in the beginning brought a lot of stress on wrists, arms and shoulders, leading to joint pains and other similar troubles. This was followed by rowheels, an innovation that changed the way wheelchairs were operated, making movements easier.

How Did Rowheels help Wheelchair Users?

Rowheels were founded to make movement easier and decrease the stress on the muscles of the arms and shoulders. The aim was to develop a concept called reverse propulsion, which would make movement easier for people using wheelchairs.

This was done by bringing about a change in the factors that were responsible for causing injuries among wheelchair users. As per the earlier design, the chair moved forward when the rim was pulled and backwards when it was pushed. With a well-equipped gear system in place, people were now able to propel themselves 31% further with a single stroke, ensuring ease of travelling all the way.

How are Rowheels Operated?

The new wheelchairs were invented with row-like motion which made them simpler to operate. When the rims of the wheelchair were pulled forward, the planetary gears were responsible for their movement. When the rim was turned, it moved the sun gear which in turn propelled the planetary gear which was attached to the frame of the wheelchair. This caused the hub of the wheel to rotate.

All the parts of Rowheels were the same except for the hub and gears.  The person who changed the functioning of this wheelchair was a wheelchair user himself and familiar with all the problems wheelchair users faced. With this innovation, he helped improve the posture and reduce repetition in movement which reduced injury to the upper parts of the body. The wheels were modified to have the benefit of larger muscles which were in a rowing motion. The gear system used in the wheelchair was designed in such a way that it provided maximum responsiveness.

Benefits of Using Rowheels

People using Rowheels have realised the comfort of the improved posture. The new motion of rowing helps in maintaining a good posture of the back and shoulders. This reduces all the harmful effects of the previous methods of moving the wheelchair, which usually gave rise to joint pains and other problems. With this invention, wheelchair users can now sit straight and allow the diaphragm to function normally. This provides them with ease of movement which reduces the stress on the arm and shoulder muscles.

Instead of risking joint regeneration, carpal tunnel syndrome and a whole host of other problems that can arise from constantly pushing a wheelchair, disabled people can now enjoy the privilege of moving around the place, without causing harm to their muscles. They now have the pleasure of a good ride using Rowheels. The innovative technology that drives rowheels has proven to be a step ahead of the competition and is clearly paving the way towards a better future for differently abled people.  

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