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Indian Ministry of Railways Responds to Tweet for Passenger Wheelchair
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Indian Ministry of Railways Responds to Tweet for Passenger Wheelchair

In a heartwarming story, the Indian Ministry of Railways responded positively to a troubled passenger’s tweet requesting a wheelchair. Pankaj Jain was the passenger in question and was accompanying his father on a journey. He sent out a tweet to the railway ministry who immediately took action to ensure that a wheelchair was provided as quickly and efficiently as possible. This story helps to demonstrate the growing role and influence of online social media networks in the modern world. Twitter was able to provide instantaneous communication between a passenger and the Ministry, that may not have been possible otherwise.

The event occurred on the Yesvantpur-Bikaner train. Mr. Jain first contacted a friend of his, who happens to be a doctor, requesting some advice. His father was suffering from illness. In fact, the father and son pair had just been seeking medical treatment for the illness. As Mr. Jain’s father was struggling with his health, his son started to worry that he might struggle to descend from the train at their desired station. The train would normally only stop for five minutes before departing once again, and that might not be enough time for the pair to safely leave the carriage.

Jain’s friend recommended that he make use of Twitter, to contact the rail ministry and request some form of assistance. He did just that, asking that the train be stopped for a longer period of time and that a wheelchair be provided to help his father. He clearly hoped for a positive response, but he may not have been expecting such a large effort to be made on the part of the railway company: North Western Railway. Several representatives of the NWR staff, including the station master and other workers, were all waiting for the pair to arrive at the Merta Road station. A wheelchair had been prepared, and Jain’s father helped off the train in a professional and courteous manner.

Jain, along with the rest of his family, was very impressed by the way the railway services responded to his tweet. The businessman has publicly thanked all of the staff who helped him, paying special attention to mention the names of Merta Road’s Station Superintendent Amar Singh and the Chief Public Relation Officer for North Western Railway, Tarun Jain.

Tarun Jain was the man responsible for reading the initial tweet and preparing an adequate response. He ensured that the wheelchair would be ready for the pair’s arrival and that sufficient staff members would be on hand to help Mr. Jain’s father off the train in a calm and safe manner. He, along with the workers who were there at the station, deserve plenty of credit for responding so quickly and efficiently to a customer’s special demand. This story is just one example of how social media sites can allow people to develop closer connections to the organizations and people around them.


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