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Setting Goals for the Minnesota Workforce
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Setting Goals for the Minnesota Workforce

Recently in Minnesota, the governor, Mark Dayton, has issued something called an Executive Order 14-14.  This Executive Order is to direct all state government agencies to enforce increasing the employment of Minnesota residents with disabilities.  In recent decades, there has been a significantly steady decline in the number of Minnesotans with disabilities either actively searching for work, or who are employed by the state of Minnesota.  Governor Mark Dayton issued this Executive Order in August of 2014, and it is his goal that by 2018 state agencies in Minnesota will increase the amount of people with disabilities in the workforce to 7 percent, from the slim 3.7 percent that it is currently at today.

This Executive Order requires that the appropriate persons create a hiring and recruiting standard model to follow, as well as creating ways to promote the hiring of Minnesotans with disabilities throughout the state.  In comparison to other states in the Midwest, Minnesota has not had a great standing with the hiring of people with disabilities.  

Governor Dayton has also coordinated with the Department of Transportation to create policies and training programs to help out persons with disabilities throughout the state to get the proper transportation accommodations they need for getting to and from work both in decent weather and more difficult weather such as during the winter months.

Governor Dayton has also increased reimbursement payments for personal care attendants by 5 percent so that those residents of Minnesota can easily access proper care they need.

Governor Dayton has also helped coordinate with communities to give independent housing opportunities to 500 residents of the state of Minnesota who have a disability.

A program called "telling your story" was created in the state of Minnesota to help persons with disabilities living within the state to learn ways to use proper technology to tell state elected officials which issues mean the most to them.  This created ways for citizens of Minnesota with disabilities to give and receive valuable information to help those with disabilities to teach elected officials which things they need the most.

Many people with physical disabilities feel as though the weather in Minnesota is constantly changing and unpredictable.  Those of us with wheelchairs especially have a harder time and struggle with the weather during winter months with snow.  This portrayal may make many people want to move to a different, probably warmer climate.  With the newly implemented changes that Governor Mark Dayton has created within the state during his time in office, it has made significant issues to those of us with disabilities a lot more simple.  

If someone is considering a move to Minnesota for various opportunities that are available in the state with careers and schools, now is a great time to consider the move, and give the state a chance.  There are really only 6 months out of the year where there is snow on the ground, and most of those days the snow is not abundant and it is frequently melting.

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