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Miracle Workers at Temasek Polytechnic
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Miracle Workers at Temasek Polytechnic

Many wheelchair users confront difficulties in their everyday life. It is not the life they choose for themselves, but they continue to struggle with everyday tasks regardless. These tasks can vary from relatively smaller ones such as navigating around the room to larger and much harder challenges like traveling from one city to another.

Sadly, this problem has lost its importance in the eyes of many people over time. Disabled personnel around the world need to have their problems catered to, and there are only a few bodies in the world truly willing to go the distance and help those who need it. Such is the story of a duo at Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore. The problem they chose to address was simple and their solution was admirably effective. Keldrick and Chua Xin are among the few miracle workers at T.P. who may have come up with an inexpensive remedy for disabled folks around the world.

An Ingenious Solution to a Serious Problem

Despite the global consensus that wheelchairs should be made affordable and accessible to everyone around the world, they still cost a lot of money to buy and maintain. This causes a lot of discomfort to those people who cannot spend very easily. That is exactly why Keldrick and Chua Xin decided to address the problem and create a cheaper version of a fully functional wheelchair by using very few items and a standard office chair.

Ultra-Affordable and Perfectly Usable

The new wheelchair costs as less as $61 to build, which is a lot lower than what you have to spend for one available in the market. They also claim that if this product is mass produced, its price can potentially come down as low as $41.

The duo has achieved this seemingly impossible feat in a very simple fashion. All they used were some clamps, two wheels, and an office chair. The resultant wheelchair was so impressive that it managed to bag a gold award at the Cool Ideas for Better HDB Living Competition.

That’s Not All

These two apprentices are also associated with a team of eight miracle workers at T.P. who have created a smart wheelchair for aged patients. They have been praised a lot by the faculty and their community for their work. This motorized wheelchair is fully operational with motion sensors and GPS technology. The combination of these features will help the users take themselves home just by flipping a switch. This item also bagged an award and won the team $3,000 at the Land Transport Authority's Engineering Challenge.

These two miracle workers at Temasek Polytechnic, along with other ingenious minds, are working day and night to make lives easier for the people with special mobility needs. While we hear of advancements in wheelchair technology every other day, with new models making it easier for people to control their wheelchairs with their minds, not everyone needs or can afford such expensive solutions. The market for ultra-affordable wheelchairs is still quite barren, making the invention of these two students a very viable option for many wheelchair users around the world.

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