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Mogadishu College Graduate Overcomes Danger, Disability
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Mogadishu College Graduate Overcomes Danger, Disability

There are a lot of different things that can motivate a person to develop commitment and work hard towards their dream. Some people are motivated by challenges, while others are motivated by achievements. Apart from some environmental factors that are common to all, people with disabilities often face additional risks of being abandoned and neglected, not to mention a lack equitable access to basic necessities of life. The attitude that people with disabilities are the responsibility of charitable individuals and organizations, together with well-wishers is rampant in the society. 

The story of a 22-year-old Ismael Rage from Mogadishu in Somalia is a clear proof that people with disabilities don't need to be your "inspiration" to be driven – it comes internally. Despite living with the effect of a polio attack and growing up in a war-torn country, Ismael has managed to earn himself a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance from Simad University. Many people think that Ismael’s motivation to get his degree is related to his disability and the political environment in his country. 

Rage’s story is emotional and intense at the same time. There is a lot to learn from it though. Society has a general attitude of stigmatizing people with disabilities. Rage’s parents were brave enough to face the social stigma arising from the disability of their child head on. They took him to school, knowing education would make all the difference. It is not easy for a parent to imagine those crawling experiences of their child, given that they lived in a war zone.

Many people are unaware of the opportunities available to the people with disabilities. There is a tendency of focusing only on their areas of limitation. Success stories of people like Rage suddenly become an eye-opener to many. This is why the story goes viral in the media and even the high and the mighty in government wake up to their equitable responsibility to their citizens.

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