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Mouth Painter: Artist Mariam Pare
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Mouth Painter: Artist Mariam Pare

Artist Mariam Pare has always loved art which she had been pursuing when she sustained a spinal cord injury which left her unable to walk or use her hands. Mariam’s injury occurred due to gang violence.

I am in awe of her painting abilities. I know people who can’t draw stick figures with two hands and then there is Mariam, who has mastered painting using her mouth.

All artists have to create no matter what; it's precisely who we are and that’s exactly why Mariam excelled at art even after losing the ability to use her hands.

Unless you’re an artist, you can’t understand the power it has it urges you to go on when most would only give up but not Mariam, that’s because she has a true gift, and now she’s spreading the message that you CAN do anything you set your mind to no matter what your situation. No more excuses, no more complaining, just do it.

Try to paint using your mouth holding the brush with your teeth moving your face up and down like Mariam does. I bet you’ll say this is impossible to do, but it’s not because Mariam isn’t the only “mouth painter” around, there are many and you can find them at “Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists”. (MFPA)." 

Mariam’s work has been exhibited internationally and also in private collections. A few times a year, she exhibits her work in galleries. You can find out dates and times from her Face Book Page.

I’m a huge fan of many different painters as I also paint & write, I live with paralysis but mine doesn’t directly effect my hands.  I do have arthritis after all the years of pushing myself around which makes it tricky at times. I find that losing myself in my art tempers my chronic pain as well. Think for me and for Mariam art kept us grounded, gave us something to hang on to while other things were changing.

I’m a huge fan of Mariam’s paintings.  Don’t hesitate to check out  Mariam's web site & Face book page. 


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