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Ms.Ebel a Wheelchair User Finds a Way to Help Other People With Disabilities Living in Her Town
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Ms.Ebel a Wheelchair User Finds a Way to Help Other People With Disabilities Living in Her Town

A Germany-based wheelchair user has made ramps for wheelchair users by using Lego interlocking bricks. Being a wheelchair user for more than 20 years after a car accident, Rita Ebel, from Hanau, Germany is very well known for the challenges that a wheelchair user has to face.

Back a year ago, she came to known about Corina Huber who stays in the north German town of Bielefeld and is a wheelchair, and she had made a plan to make Lego ramps.

Ms. Ebel and her husband found this idea really good, then she made a plan to help other people with disabilities in her town, which is around 15 miles east of Frankfurt.

The Lego ramps are just not made for wheelchair users but also for people who use a walker, prams, and people with visual impairments. Ms. Ebel has been donated with Lego brick from all over Germany.

While talking to Hanauer Anzeiger Newspaper, Ms. Ebel said, The ramps are not only a great help to others, but also a very attractive ramp. “This is to draw attention to the fact that there are still many obstacles for wheelchair users that need to be removed. You don't think that at the beginning, but the ramps are super stable, can be made for different heights and have the advantage that they are mobile and have a good grip.”

Through these colorful ramps, Ms.Ebel has become so popular that tourism associations from Spain and from the United States school pupils have contacted her.

According to Ms. Ebel, now their campaign has started to reach the heights, and she loves that so many people are fond of their idea and want to join them.

They feel so happy for every company that wants to buy their ramps, They donate the stores Lego ramps free of cost since nobody in their business wants to make a profit by this work. And then also if somebody wants to give them the money as a donation they use it to purchase more Lego bricks.

The instructions to make the ramps are very easy and the thing that gives the ramp's safety and stability is a special type of glue, Ms. Ebel added.

Image credit: AbsolutVision\ Pixabay

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