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Multiple Sclerosis and your Memory
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Multiple Sclerosis and your Memory

MS and Memory loss go hand in hand. But there are things you can do to help yourself. One of the biggest things you can do to help yourself, is remember that this is not your fault.

The first thing I recommend, is talk to your family and explain how the memory loss makes you feel. Explain to them that there are things that you can help yourself, but you need their help too. Then sit down with your doctor and tell them too. This is very important. Your physicians may have good ideas for you that I won’t mention here.

For me, the first time I noticed changes in my memor,y I was scared and embarrassed.

Then I realized it was not my fault and there were things I could do to help myself.  When I started to do these things, it made things better. Nonetheless, it  was a bit challenging at first. I find that if I make certain things a routine,  it becomes easier to remember to do them. Much like when I take my shower: before I go in, I set out my clothes and personal care items.

Other things of note either go on my dry-erase board or onto post it notes. Below are a few ideas that may help you in your own daily life.

There are a few things I keep in my house that help me significantly:


  • A daily chore list.
  • A dry-erase board.
  • Post it notes.
  • A plan for weekly meals and posted on the refridgerator.
  • A calendar somewhere prominent.
  • A list of things family can do to help is take on some of the chores and remind you of upcoming appointments. I like to have them do this the day before, and then again in the morning before an appointment or special occasion.



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