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Mumbai based NGO Ummeed Starts an Inclusion Program to Help Children With Disabilities to Reach Their Goals
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Mumbai based NGO Ummeed Starts an Inclusion Program to Help Children With Disabilities to Reach Their Goals

In every Indian classroom, there is a maximum of 10-15% of children living with some kind of disability. There are many children with disabilities in India are invisible, since they don't get any kind of support system that can help them to reach their full potential.

To help these kids, a well-known Mumbai based NGO, Ummeed Child Development Centre is planning to start a two-year Inclusion Fellowship Programme.

Eleven-year-old Dharam who was studying in the government-aided private school was said to be picked up by his parents from the school since he used to feel bored to sit in the classroom for hours. Dharam was living with a disability name attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) since he had issues to pay attention to and to sit still for a long time. And nobody ever understood his problem and supported him and even the school refuse to keep him in the school.

This year in April, Ummeed Child Development Centre is going the two-year program (UIFP. The goal of this program is to study the education system by a differently-abled student point of view and make an inclusive space in mainstream education.

The Director, School Outreach, Ummeed Child Development Centre, Shamin Mehrotra said The Ummeed Inclusion Fellowship Programme will be launched in three low-income schools in Mumbai. At present these schools are not completely inclusive. They have some children with invisible disabilities like autism, Learning Disorders, and ADHD. We are trying to create champions who would be able to help teachers screen out and recognize challenges in the classroom.

The inclusion fellows will coordinate with the teachers and the parents of the children with disabilities. The UIFP aims to provide every facility and be a support system for others, provide effective inclusive practices for kids who have issues in studying and paying attention in the class.Giving effective pieces of training for different stakeholders and being a support system for all the teachers to make them understand the challenges faced by students with disabilities.

Image credit: Ummeed CDC\YouTube Screencap

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