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My Un Holey Grail part II
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My Un Holey Grail part II

Hey, At the beginning of the September I wrote an article about the search for The UnHoly Grail... shoes that last! Well, it was suggested by a friend that I send it off to the folks at So, I figured, I’ve got nothing to lose. I sent it!

Guess What! They liked it! They liked it so much that they sent me a new pair of Pegasus Zoom FlyEase 36’s!! I was speechless! The Shoes just showed up at my door with a nice card from Nike THANKING ME for the article! How cool is that? It feels like Christmas in September at my house! I’ll let you know how these shoes are holding up in a few months!  Maybe this is a sign I need to keep doing bigger and better things! Marathons!, Triathlons...The Ironman! I’m fired up! (Can you tell?) 

You never know what can happen unless you try right? Call it what you want. Good Karma, getting what you give... it’s all good. I have said it before. I firmly believe ANYTHING is possible if YOU try AND believe in yourself you CAN... JUST DO IT! ( Thank You Nike) and Thank YOU for the forum that allows people like me to have the voice to speak up about what’s good OR bad out there in the great big wide world. There is a lot of good stuff out there. Try to focus on the good stuff. Focus on your goals and aim for them. I’m stoked! Are you? I hope that my excitement rubs off on some of you guys out there. If I could bottle it and give it to you, I would. But I know that YOU know it doesn’t work like that. You know what? Go outside, soak up some sun before winter comes back and get Movin.  Motivate yourself by Movin yourself. I gotta go, guys! I gotta break in these shoes!

Keep Movin Y’all 


Image credit: Arnie Slater

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  1. udebbiespence
    In 2014 I started experiencing lack of muscle control when performing strenuous exercise, within months I had tremors and terrible mood swings. After bouts with many neurologists I was diagnosed of MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, I was placed on medications which relieved some symptoms but my health was fast declining. Finally, I was introduced to Mayaka Natural Clinic and their effective Multiple Sclerosis treatment. I immediately started on the treatment, it relieved symptoms significantly, even better than the medications I was given. Visit ww w. mayakanaturalclinic. c om. First month on treatment, my tremors mysterious stopped, had improvement walking. After I completed the treatment, all symptoms were gone. I live a more productive life.
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    1. Arnold Slater
      Arnold Slater
      Glad to hear! My wife has MS as well. We will look into this! Good luck to you!
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