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My experience with a Whole-Body Body Vibration Machine
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My experience with a Whole-Body Body Vibration Machine

It’s been a few months since we bought the “Whole-Body Body Vibration Machine after trying it out at the fair this summer, I fell in love with it and my fiancé’ liked it too, especially if it helped me in anyway. We waited and researched and asked our doctor if this was a good idea for us. She said "Yes", especially since we’ve both been diagnosed with osteopenia.

For the first two days, my muscles burned like they were on fire, but that was good. It meant that they were working. I was shocked at how out of shape, my muscles were. Lucky for me, they don’t burn any longer thanks to the amazing machine, and I’m feeling stronger each time I use it. It’s the only therapy or workout machine that has ever made me feel like it was doing any good at all.

I feel wonderful after using it. Less stiff, and my knees move with a nice fluid motion. To be completely honest, it doesn't last long and that’s why right after I get off, I walk around with my walker in hopes to train my muscles. I stretch. I like to take a hot bath then get on for my ten minutes, and afterward, I walk around. This ritual seems to combine in the best way for my stiff muscles and joints.

If for a few days, I haven’t done it, I feel the effects. Since I live with chronic pain, I don’t always get to do the machine every day, hoping that will change. I am hoping that my muscles get used to it, and learn to stay relaxed.

When we were researching this machine, it said it would help people who suffer from pain and disability, as well as the elderly and everyone in between. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

The worst part about having a disability is the feeling of having no control over your situation. But using this machine in conjunction with working out, no matter what type disability of disability you have, you are helping to control it to some degree, and that feels great.

  • Workout Today, It Does a Body Good!  

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