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My Step-Dad's Help
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My Step-Dad's Help

My step father is a quadriplegic.  Most people cannot say this, but he married my mom in 2004.  Since then, there have been a lot of problems to the point that my mom has since moved out.  Well, my step-father is, basically, a pushover.  He has hired several people who end up moving in with him, have stolen everything from him, have moved out, and yet he still pays everything for them.  Now granted, he does make a great income as he has his own business and does pretty well, but I think it's getting to be outrageous.  He will not listen to anyone regarding this and is now close to losing everything.  He has one "helper" who comes in whenever she feels like it (maybe once or twice a week), she's the worst! 

She has stolen a lot of cash from him, has several of his credit card numbers memorized, has stolen items from his home, even from his 87 year old mother that lives with him.  He won't do a thing about it!  She has finally moved out of his home, but he now pays rent where she and her boyfriend live, pays her car payments, utilities, cell phones, everything!  We have tried calling adult protective services on this situation, several times and they refuse to do anything due to my step-father saying that nothing is happening.  I'm so frustrated because he won't listen, won't ask for help, except to borrow more money from his family and friends, and I really am not sure what the next steps to take would be.  I'm looking for any ideas that anyone could have??

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  1. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    #1, don't forget to vote for yourself. It is so sad to see people take advantage of him, it's good he has a step-son that cares.
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  2. sweedly
    Could you find someone who could be a friend and maybe help him see the error of his ways. It is very hard helping loved ones who are hard headed and won't listen to family members, but often as you say take advice from people who only are pretending to care so they can gain personally from the so called friendship. Since he listens to others, if you found a "other", that you trust, it might work to have this person speak on behave of you and perhapes your step father will open his eyes to what is really going on. Voted.
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