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New Driving System for a Different Kind of Wheel
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New Driving System for a Different Kind of Wheel

The Vyapar 2017 trade event organized this year by the government of Kerala was able to witness something that has never been done before within the Small and Medium Enterprises showcase sector. The Spince Engineering stall won an award for an engineered system that will change the lives of possibly millions around the globe. The award winner was given the spotlight for a new driving system for a different kind of wheel.

Biju Varghese is a 44-year-old man from India who understands the confines for those who have had accidents or were born with certain defects that resulted in them living their lives in a setting that most of us will not understand.

Biju’s Dream Made a Reality

When he was at the age of 25-years-old, Biju got into a car accident and suffered an injury to his spinal cord, but that did not stop him from creating one of the most advanced, life changing invention of the decade. With a very small team consisting of only 2 people other than himself, Biju worked tirelessly from his workshop located close to his home where he lives with his wife and his son in Mukkoottuthara within the district of Kottayam.

He developed the system to further his incredible invention during 2003, which was later approved by the Automotive Research Association in India. From there, he further showcased his invention at the Vyapar 2017 meet this year, where close to 200 over exhibitors were hoping to get noticed and win an award for their work. As we already know, Biju was the award winner, and was given the spotlight for a new driving system for a different kind of wheel.

Biju has used this system for quite some time, especially when his wife became ill, which required them to drive to and from the Vellore Christian Medical Center for her treatment once a week. Biju tested the system on the highway in the direction of Pune, where he could go much faster to see how fast his system could really go. He was able to drive as fast as 170 kilometers per hour, which is quite impressive.

Biju crafted an engineered system that works with a person’s car to ensure that those living with certain restrictions, whether it be from a birth defect, an accident like he himself went through, or for whatever the case may be, are still able to drive. It takes only 15 minutes to set the system up, can be removed at any time without alterations or damage to the car, and is easy to use.

Biju has shown his generosity multiple times, including his determination to ensure that everyone who needs it will have access to it, even if they are unable to pay the maximum fee of Rs 30,000. Depending on personal circumstances and health requirements, the system itself can cost between Rs 15,000 and Rs 30,000. This new driving system for a different kind of wheel has successfully given hope to thousands of people in India, and possibly millions around the world soon enough.

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