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New Invention
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New Invention

This blog is about a new invention, created originally as an aid or a tool for wheel chair bound players to play the carnival game called "Coin toss". While out at a local main drag in Napa, California, I noticed a carnival was going on at the local high school on Jefferson Street.

I decided to stop and see what was going on. While walking in the carnival area, I observed a young man in a wheel chair. He was attempting to play the coin toss game. He was not having a very good go at it. In fact, he could not get the coin in the booth, much less in the small opening of the wine glass he was trying for. That is when said to myself: "It sure would be nice if there was a machine to help wheelchair players play." That is when the idea came to me in a flash, it was like a giant puzzle was being assembled right in front of me piece after piece.

I walked briskly home, and created the machine with pieces of scrap metal and wood odds and ends I'd collected in my garage. I finished in such record short time, I returned back to the carnival, but the young man in the wheelchair was gone. However, the carnival vendor was still there. I asked him if he minded if I used the machine to try to win a wine glass. He said, okay. I set it on the counter. He went on: "But you will never win!" That is when I won a whole box of the hardest wine glasses. Then he said, "You can no longer use the counter to hold your machine. It has to be hand held!" I thought about it for a minute then agreed.

I returned back home with my box of wine glasses ,and was able to make a handle and a trigger mechanism and return back to the carnival. The vendor said, "Oh, He's back. Go ahead and try but you will never win!" That is when I won two more boxes of the hardest winning wine glasses. Then the carnie said, "You have reached your limit you can no longer play". So with my two additional boxes of wine glasses, I returned home.

The Invention stayed in the garage for many years. Then, about three years ago, I decided that I was getting too old and needed to do something with this invention. So, I decided to make a game around it. I created a mobile coin or token toss booth, which not only collected the coins or tokens that landed in the cloth funnel bottom, it allowed the coins or token to go directly into a collector jar. To make the game more of a challenge, I made a rotating base where the 6 wine glasses rested. The hardest winning top glass was a small cognac glass at the highest level, then followed by two larger wine glasses followed with three wine glasses at the lowest level. The game was a success. The fourteen-year-olds loved the game. I had an 87 year old old see it and say, "I want to try it!" He won a wine glass for both his wife and himself.

Improvements have been made since then. It now has a 20" bike wheel, and a front and rear braking system. It's totally self-contained with its own battery system. There is even a website created for booking your birthday party, wedding reception, or private party. I usually do festivals and fairs, and occasionally Home and Garden shows. I found other uses for my invention, one which I have offered to the White House to solve the Fiscal Cliff impasse! You see, it's just like flipping a coin, but even better because the machine does it for you! No chance of cheating. It throws the coin or token in a perfect parabola, flipping and the coin head or tails until it lands either heads or tales. So just like the football opening, flipping of the coin opening can do the same. Each team just calls out what they want, heads or tales.

Go to the website and see the first video of the game in action. You can watch me using the invention called: "Token or Coin toss inertia reducer".

P.S. At my last Home and Garden Show in Napa, I had a wheelchair player stop by. He won the hardest wining small cognac glass using my machine. It really made everything worth it!

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  1. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    #2 That's cool!
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  2. Larry Lopez
    This is so cool. I wish that many people would have access to this. will definitely buy some for their employees.
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