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No Holes in My Soles... Yet!
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No Holes in My Soles... Yet!

Speed bump

     Five and a half months in and my Nikes are holding together still! For me, that's monumental! I have Cerebral Palsy. I am also an athlete. In my youth, I was an N.P.C Wheelchair Nationals Bodybuilding Champion. Now, at 50+ I stay active as a Marathon “Walker”. I don’t run. I walk. But, run, or walk, I still put in the miles. It’s not how or when you get there that matters. What matters is that you get where you set out to go. Right?

Back in September of last year, I wrote an article here at

It was about the search for shoes that last. For someone with Cerebral Palsy, this is a common struggle. We drag our feet. It doesn’t stop us from going and doing what we do. But, walking in the various ways we do… wears down our shoes FAST. CP affects everyone differently. Some of us drag more on the left side, ( that would be me!) some on the right.    Some of us walk more on our toes. Some of us do not walk at all. But, we all wear shoes! Even those of us that use power chairs to get around can wear down the heals of their shoes from constant rubbing against the footrest of a chair. Or, the toes get beat up from banging into doors to open them! Right?

In my case, I walk a lot. Just yesterday I did over 5K doing things around my house. (Over 3 miles). In September the folks over at Nike

liked my article about the search for shoes!

They sent me a pair of Nike Zoom Pegasus 36’s and encouraged me to keep them updated on how long and how well the shoes held up. I have another pair of Nike Zoom Pegasus 33’s that I purchased around the same time. ( those shoes are pictured in the first article) I alternate these shoes daily to help cut down on wear and tear. Alternating my shoes helps, but the shoe abuse still happens! Everyday use plus 3 virtual marathons so far! Five months in and no holes in my soles yet! Woooooooo! I love these shoes!

 So folks, until my shoes have holes in the soles, and my toes meet the road! (I’m not kidding!) Keep Movin Y’all! 

Why? Because CP is just a speed bump!




Image credit: Arnie Slater

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