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No Limitations for Accomodating Rolling Wheels on Recreation Vehicles
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No Limitations for Accomodating Rolling Wheels on Recreation Vehicles

At one time, a person who was confined to a wheelchair had to forego the pleasures associated with vacationing in an RV (recreation vehicle) or motor home. He or she could not hope to take part in a camping trip. He or she was prevented from getting very close to nature. Today, however, that is no longer the case. Now such vehicles can be customized; so that someone on rolling wheels encounters no obstacles, when attempting to access and utilize a house-on-wheels.

For example, a mobile home can be fitted with a lift or a ramp. In addition, it can be given a floor plan that takes into consideration the presence of a lift. In that way, a traveling family has the ability to purchase a device such as the one that is called a toy-hauler. That particular chair-lifting mechanism can be made to respond to the simple push of a button.

Of course, there is no point to lifting a wheelchair-bound man or woman into an interior space, if that same area has very limited clearance between its furnishings. Ideally, the motor home that is meant to accommodate a person in a wheelchair features at least a thirty-six inch clearance at every point within its interior. Moreover, all items in that limited amount of space should be secured. Entertainment and cooling/heating systems should be in a raised position, with remote controls available to the vehicle’s/home’s residents.

Some models have large bathrooms and even tubs with seats. Some come with a hand-held shower head, one that is connected to a sixty inch hose. A few allow those who rely on rolling wheels to sit at the controls of a family’s mobile home. Such vehicles are controlled by knobs that get worked by hands, rather than pedals that respond to the pressure from a human foot.



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