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No Limits, No Excuses: Bboy Luca LazyLegz Patuelli
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No Limits, No Excuses: Bboy Luca LazyLegz Patuelli

Most of us are familiar with ballroom style dancing popularized on Dancing with the Stars, or traditional styles of dance like ballet or hip hop that we see on music videos, but Bboy Luca Patuelli has inveted a style of dance all his own that comes with a message of determination and positive influence for the disability community.

Originally from Montreal, Canada Luca Patuelli is a b-boy, traveling across the world to spread positive messages of disability and spreading his motto: no excuses, no limits. B-boy refers to someone who performs a type of hip hop, pop ‘n lock style dance, but what makes Luca unique is that he performs at the level of top dances, but from the use of his forearm crutches. Luca was born with a muscle disorder affecting his legs and also resulted in scoliosis. He uses crutches for every day mobility. What he may lack in strength and ability, Luca makes up for in his upper body and his spirit.

Despite experiencing several injuries while learning and developing his dance style, Luca developed a style of dance that has never before been seen on a world stage. Luca has been offering a unique performance style to his audiences for years, incorporating entertainment through dance and musical performance, coupled with inspirational messages and sharing his story while on stage.

Audiences are astounded as they watch Luca perform lifts and movements with swift ability that would make any professional dancer stand in awe of his talent. He flies over his crutches performing incredible lifts and holds only to fly back down to the ground with ease and complete spins on the dance floor.

Luca has brought his message of determination and his talent to venues across the world, using his background and education in Marketing to promote himself and book events, including an appearance on the Ellen show and he even performed at the 2010 Paralympics opening ceremony in Vancouver, Canada.

While being interviewed by Ellen, he told her he has always been extremely active and started out skateboarding which led to the invention of his dance style. He uses his crutches as an extension of his arms in his dance style. He and his wife always created a foundation to help children with disabilities realize their dreams and that there are no limits. Check out the whole interview here:

You can read more news and updates about Luca through his website, on his Facebook page, or you can follow him on Twitter @BboyLazylegz.

What do you think about Luca’s original dance style and message of empowerment that he is spreading for the youth he touches with each performance? Share your reaction in the comments!

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    Incredible! Thank you for sharing.
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