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Watch: Semi-Trucks Get Pulled by People in Wheelchairs, Breaking Record
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Watch: Semi-Trucks Get Pulled by People in Wheelchairs, Breaking Record

People all around the world are inspired and amazed by the Guinness World Records. 

Some of the most amazing records one can find in the famous book are those that have been set by people who are differently-abled. Some of these people train for months or years to prove that they aren’t just pushovers, and that differently-abled people are more than capable of astounding the world with remarkable achievements.

One great example of a world record that has been set by differently-abled teammates is the record for “Heaviest vehicle transported for more than 100m by a team in wheelchairs”. This record was set in Germany, just a few years ago, in 2013. The record was attempted by 25 friends and teammates of Hannover United, a professional wheelchair basketball team. All of the participants were German and they had already proven themselves as professional athletes through their wheelchair basketball prowess.

This attempt to create a record was a way for them to show the world that people with mobility issues or other physical differences can achieve incredible things. The record itself was set in the summer of 2013, in the city of Hoerstel. The team managed to combine their strength to pull three separate trucks for a distance of over 328 feet. Together, those trucks weighed 110,407.5 pounds. The miraculous achievement was filmed live for television and has surely helped to inspire many other differently-abled people to believe in themselves and reach for greatness in their own lives.

There are also countless other fantastic and similar examples that one can find elsewhere in the book of Guinness World Records. For instance, the “Heaviest air vehicle pulled for more than 100m by a wheelchair team” record was set in Belgium, back in 2011. A huge team of 84 people joined together to pull a C-130 Hercules aircraft, weighing over 67 tons, for hundreds of feet.

Not all of these records are set by teams. One great individual record was set by Xie Junwu of China. Junwu lives his life in a wheelchair but decided to use it in a unique way to set an exciting world record. He currently holds the record for the “Longest continuous wheelie in a wheelchair”. He was able to hold a wheelie for over 16 miles travelling around an athletics track in China in 2012. Junwu, like the other participants and record-setters, helps to prove that people with disabilities are far from being pushovers. 

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