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One Halloween Memory
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One Halloween Memory

It's been awhile since I've been on a motorbike, but I've got a memory to share with all of you. This likely won't be posted on Halloween, but it's been written on that very same spooky day, and that's what counts, right? Right?!

Ah, maybe not. But still. Onto the story.

When I was younger, my parents bought me a mini dirtbike, because my legs weren't strong enough to use a real bike. I could barely move them most days, so my walking was limited to serious crutch work. A motorbised bike seemed pretty perfect.

I thought I was hot stuff, prowling up and down the edge of the road on my sick hog. It was pink. A real threatening sight I was for all to see. And I had the great idea, the idea that launched a thousand... nothings. Anyway, I thought: how about trick or treating on my bike?

So I dressed up, dyed my hair with Kool-Aid, and popped my collar. I was a biker, complete with helmet and a fake lather jacket. This rendered my hair "dye" useless, but it was a fun try. I was a sight, with my pillowcase bag for candy and a proud grin beneath my helmet, on my bright pink little bike. My parents followed in their car, of course.

Around seven, I had gotten my fill of candy--or so I was told by my dad. At that time I couldn't imagine ever being full on candy. So the last stop was a haunted house, complete with a "fake" ghost laying on the lawn, spooking the last people to come out of the house. It was frightening inside, of course, but I was laughing when I stepped outside, a brave little girl who could handle haunted houses.

Until the person with a fake chainsaw erupted out the door behind me.

Four screams later and I was booking it to my bike about as fast as one could on crutches (spoilers: not that fast), hopping on, starting up the little motor, and I was off. I swear I didn't look back for at least three streets. I left the crutches behind for my parents to pick up after me.

I feel like maybe, that night kickstarted my love of bikes. They are safety, in a way. A way to get around when you just can't. And also a heck of a good way to make memories. Nowadays, I stick to a car with a customised pedal, but someday... someday I'll go back.

Photo by iloasiapacific on Flickr.

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