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Zack Ruhl and the Will Required to Follow Him
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Zack Ruhl and the Will Required to Follow Him

Every day, countless people are forced to live their lives under challenging circumstances. Spending a great deal of one’s life in a wheelchair isn’t so easy. And it’s no surprise that a lot of differently-abled individuals can suffer from a lack of hope or inspiration. Some people even feel that they aren’t capable of enjoying life and thereby avoid taking part in certain activities. However, wheelchair athletes like Zack Ruhl are showing that it is perfectly possible to attain peak physical fitness and perform all sorts of extreme activities, regardless of certain circumstances. It’s inspiring and encouraging to watch men and women like Ruhl, who refuse to give up in the face of adversity. These brave people are showing through their own actions, that disabilities don’t have to eliminate certain possibilities.

There are many reasons why a person might use a wheelchair. Some people are born differently-abled, while others develop complications or sustain injuries later in life. Texas-born Ruhl came into this world with a very rare bone disease that meant that doctors had to surgically amputate both of his legs when he was just two years old. Naturally, this would create significant physical difficulties. Incredibly, though, instead of permanently wallowing, Ruhl decided to fight back.

This person, through remarkable will power and determination, has now become a very impressive athlete. He makes use of a specialized wheelchair in order to perform incredible physical feats. His dream was to build up his muscles and get into the best physical shape possible. He has made this dream a reality, now rocking the arms and torso of a professional bodybuilder. Ruhl even opened up his own gym. He often posts videos online and has been featured in various health magazines, showing off his strong body and incredible abilities. He is able to lift enormous weights, perform countless pushups, and even do handstands, all while sitting in his wheelchair.

At his gym, Ruhl also works to help other people in similar situations. He offers free classes to any amputee who wants to push their body and get stronger. Incredibly, he also wants to keep pushing his own body even further and actually has plans to participate in the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. He certainly has the physical capacity and mental strength required to win a few medals, and Americans will surely be cheering for him if he is chosen for the country’s national team. Ruhl is an inspiration and encourages each and every person to fight for their dreams.

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