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Opening Up the Sporting Field
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Opening Up the Sporting Field

Opening up the sporting world is a move that is bound to get respect from people near and far. Scotland’s Mearns Castle Golf Academy received nothing less than adulation for their efforts to make the sport of golf more inclusive, by introducing paragolfing on their golf course.

Receiving Positive Results Every Step of the Way

Located in the south of Glasgow, the Mearns Caste Golf Academy is making waves with the positive feedback it has been receiving with its new golf centre that aims to provide devices to disabled people that enable them to play the sport.

Introducing paragolfers onto the scene, the game of golf has now become more accessible to everyone out there. These machines are designed to allow people with mobility problems to get onto the course without any difficulty. The people are raised up to a standing position making it easier for them to swing the club.  With this idea of complete inclusivity behind it, it comes as no surprise that the paragolfer is going places.

What led to the Idea?

Russell Gray, Manager of Operations at the Academy, stated that this idea was actually the brain child of –">Ryan Macdonald, who works with Housing Options Scotland. Macdonald was confined to a wheelchair after a tick bit him, attacking his central nervous system. Although a keen golfer, this event prevented him from dabbling with the sport ever again. At least, this was until paragolfer came onto the scene.

Russell reveals that it was out of the blue that Ryan called him up and asked if he could keep a buggy at the Academy. On asking why he wanted to leave a buggy there, Ryan replied that he was in a wheelchair. Shocked, Russell said that he couldn’t play golf since when he was in a wheelchair. But Ryan casually replied that he had got himself a new device called a paragolfer that enabled him to play the sport even now.

Russell went on to say that, after the initial shock died down, he continued the conversation for about two hours trying to find out how the device works and realising that it was a brilliant innovation.

The first time Russell set his eyes on the paragolfer, he was in awe of it. When he showed the idea to his friend, –">Charlie Barker Gavigan of the Social Care Ideas Factory, she too was delighted and decided that they should get involved with the project.

Paragolfers – Paving the way to something better

Although merely serving to play a game of golf, these machines actually mean a lot more to people who suffer from mobility issues. It creates a sense of social inclusion and facilitates better participation. This is what makes it such a marvelous innovation.

People weighed down by paralysis are now able to come to the golf course and play with their children and friends. The amount of freedom that this device has been able to give people is astounding.

Ryan disclosed that sitting made him feel a bit unempowered but when he used the paragolfer and stood tall, he felt strong. There certainly is something more important than playing golf when it comes to this device. It is truly life changing and the paragolfer is all set to get going and help better people’s lives.  

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