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Our Big Fat Gimpy Wedding
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Our Big Fat Gimpy Wedding

As some of your already know I am engaged, and we are  hopefully (crossing fingers) getting married in June. It has been tricky trying to set a wedding date (we got engaged in July) it’s almost January. Women know that this is a time-sensitive event.  It’s hard to pull it off in a few months.

Let me explain why it’s taken this long to set a date. First, my friend, and I called around to see if the venues were handicapped accessible we called churches but couldn’t find a single one that you could roll up to the alter, which was very irritating to say the least. I was surprised at how many you couldn’t even get into the building or to the bathrooms once in there. Plus the biggest surprise of all it was a lot more expensive to get married in a church unless you have been going there for years and we haven’t been here that long.

They’d give options like you can do it half-way down the aisle and stop, but that wouldn’t work no one would see me at all because I am short and even shorter sitting in my wheelchair. I thought about hobbling down the aisle but afraid my chronic pain would bypass my medication (break out pain) & ruin my time so decided against it. As time went by after finding the perfect wedding dress, the first one, I tried on which I cannot wait to wear, I started to panic, we quickly ditched the church idea, and since we love country, we decided on an outside country theme wedding. I have a million ideas, but we want it comfy & cozy not glitz and glam.

We found the perfect venue it was dreamy but due to my fiancé’s job, we may be moving so we couldn’t do anything until we found out for sure. So we waited & waited and with each passing day, I got more panic stricken.

I spent time investigating places where we are most likely going to move and having the country theme in our minds we kept thinking maybe that would be hard for our gimpy friends to maneuver. Many of which are in wheelchairs, crutches but think it’s still a good plan, just have to find a venue now that we know for sure we’re moving.

I was on the phone with this lady and asked about the venue being accessible and so on then I asked about the dance floor. She seemed oddly shocked that we’d want to dance on our wedding day, Oh yeah, probably the bride in the wheelchair that threw her for a loop. I can hold on tight and do the pray method. “Please don’t fall." It has never worked before, but that doesn’t mean this time it won’t. My guy won’t let me drop, and if I go, so will he.

Besides our guests will want to dance, which is always so much fun to watch drunken people trying to look cool dancing. Ah the memories we’ll have since we rarely drink and especially not on our wedding day. 

I’ll keep you posted on Our Big Fat Gimpy Wedding. I'm going to start packing! If you want to keep informed add me to your bloggers list, and you won’t miss a thing.

Did I mention we’re going on a cruise for our honeymoon?  I’ll definitely let you know how that process goes and how gimp friendly it truly is.



*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. beckthewreck
    Love it! Please continue to let us know the challenges you face and the experiences you have......good, bad, difficult, and easy.
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