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Push Girls: Will There Be Another Season?
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Push Girls: Will There Be Another Season?

I have a question for those at Sundance channel. Will you be renewing  Push Girls? I certainly hope so because it’s such a ground-breaking show and now we are invested in the lives of these women, and it has nothing to do with disability. Its part of their lives but that certainly isn’t what drives this very popular show.

I have been hooked on Push Girls ever since the first episode. I had learned about the show six months before it aired. I could hardly wait and to my surprise, it was even better than I expected.

I had previously crossed paths with Auti & Angela many years before this ground-breaking show. Chelsea, Tiphany & Mia were new and a great addition to an awesome cast.

You can tell the woman have been friends for years except for Chelsea, but she’s quickly making a name for her self-thanks to Auti, who encouraged her to keep dancing after Chelsea’s tragic car accident.

They have to renew this amazing show. I can’t wait to find out about Mia and her new man & Angela’s modeling career and root for Auti as she tries to have a baby with her husband. I wonder if Chelsea is still with her hot boyfriend and you just never know what Tiphany will do next.

Push Girls is an important show, and we want to see more of it. We’d love more episodes each season too... I’d like to thank Sundance channel for having the guts to be the first channel to showcase this brilliant show.

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