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People With Disabilities Can Learn, Teach and Earn On YouTube
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People With Disabilities Can Learn, Teach and Earn On YouTube

YouTube is a go-to website for vloggers who are willing to create and post educative and entertaining contents. YouTube could be a source of entertainment, education and even a remote workplace for people with disabilities. There are many YouTube video creator with disabilities.

"YouTube is a great place for vloggers with disabilities, I create videos on the adaptive application of makeups and beauty products for women with disabilities, YouTube actually pays for the number of views my contents generate through its advertisement plan," Kaitlyn Dabrowski, a YouTube content creator with disabilities said.

There are many YouTube content creator with disabilities who are making money, from the contents they post on YouTube, some of them are:

  • Zach Anner: Zach Anner has cerebral palsy, he created a YouTube channel for funny skits and adaptive exercise, he also posts contents on adaptive gyms across the United States. 
  • Annie Elaine: Annie Elaine is a YouTube content creator with disability. She is a disability rights advocate and queer woman. 
  • Jordan Bone: Jordan Bone is a lifestyle, beauty and makeup vlogger. The popular YouTube content creator is a popular disability rights activist. 
  • Amythest Schaber: Amythest Schaber is a YouTube content creator with autism, she gives answers to autism-related questions, she talks about how to care for people with autism on her YouTube channel. 
  • The Mandeville Sisters: Amelia and Grace Mandeville, popularly called "The Mandeville Sisters" post hilarious contents on YouTube, the sisters also use their YouTube channel to talk about the bias against people with disabilities.

YouTube pays its content creators for the number of engagements they have on their contents.

Vloggers earning potential on YouTube is based on the number of views a content can get, vloggers need to create the type of content viewers would love to see. Vloggers can create channels for funny skits, educative stories, do-it-yourself clips or whatever they will attract viewers to their YouTube channel. There is a monetization option on all YouTube channel. Activate it and start earning. 

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