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People With Disabilities Must Be Part Of The Covid-19 Response Team
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People With Disabilities Must Be Part Of The Covid-19 Response Team

As the world is learning, Covid-19 response is a marathon, not a sprint.

Moving into the second phase of this crisis, in addition to continuing our fight for access to protective gear, medical equity, and food, the disability community is expanding advocacy to prevent 7 million students with disabilities from being denied access to education. Once schools reopen, many children with underlying medical conditions will need to remain safely at home. It is vital for them to have access to a full curriculum, just like anyone else. Education funders are urgently needed to fight for appropriate and accessible online education and support.

In the weeks ahead, there will be a major battle for the next round of federal funding to address the pandemic. It will be vital for state and local governments to get the money they need to enable home- and community-based support for people with disabilities to live as independently as possible.

As communities, nonprofits, and employers adapt, people with disabilities risk being pushed further into the margins. This largely happens unintentionally, as well-meaning people and groups create more barriers to inclusion and success.

A major study conducted before the pandemic showed that less than 20 percent of nonprofits and funders are fully accessible to people with disabilities. That is why, in conjunction with 18 philanthropy-serving and nonprofit organizations, RespectAbility, offers free online training on how to include people with disabilities in the Covid-19 response team. More than 700 leaders already have completed the full free program, and readers are encouraged to do so, too.

It is vital for people with disabilities to bring their experience, skills, and innovations forward to help solve the challenges that affect all of us. From climate-change activist Greta Thunberg, who is autistic, to others who are on the forefront of positive change, people with disabilities have a lot to contribute.

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  1. ethancarter
    It is fundamental for them to approach a full educational program, much the same as any other individual. Training funders are earnestly expected to battle for proper and open online instruction and backing. By :
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  2. MR136
    Instead being a part of Covid-19 Response Team, they may be likely assign on trainings or other information dessimination team or other way they are more capable of. Michael -
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  3. jennymartin
    How come we didn't have a successful COVID 19 response like progressive countries like New Zealand?
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  4. pfannerstill
    I hope people can get through this hard time soon and get back to normal
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  5. johnlead
    We should take into consideration to people who have disabilities especially these days.
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  6. daniellewatson
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  7. Jerry
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  9. henryscarlet
    Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful information !!!! It is so appreciated!! You have good humor in your blogs.
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