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Phoenix Man Delivers an Uber-cool Wheelchair
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Phoenix Man Delivers an Uber-cool Wheelchair

He is one in a million because of his ability and passion to build, invent and transform things. This Phoenix man is a person whose talent, skill and creativity can awe and amaze anyone. And one of his fascinating inventions is an uber cool wheelchair.

Lance Greathouse is not your average 54-year-old. He elaborately and imaginatively creates and builds things like a mobile barbecue grill, a cooler with a remote control, and a robot that breathes fire. But what he is passionate about is building and customizing wheelchairs and electric scooters.

What makes Greathouse recreates mobility devices for the purpose of helping people who need such equipment. Actually, he intends to build wheelchairs and mobility devices and give them away for free. In fact, he has already given away 25 wheelchairs in the past few months to individuals whom he found in need of them yet cannot afford to buy one.

Greathouse’s passion and love for building wheelchairs and giving them away without asking anything in return started when he witnessed his brother, Brent Greathouse, enduring his loss of mobility due to a rare type of Parkinson’s disease. 

Seeing his older brother Brent go through Parkinson's made Lance realize that accessibility to mobility devices is extremely necessary. What he witnessed and how he felt for his brother drove him to build all sorts of wheelchairs in order to cater to the different needs of individuals with physical disabilities and impairments.

Greathouse builds and customizes wheelchairs and scooters. He could make them into a four-wheel drive or six-wheel drive. He even created a wheelchair that enables the user to mow the lawn or cut grasses. He also built one that assists the user to fish.

Because of his love for inventing, creating and transforming things, he made his backyard garage his very own work lab wherein he made all his wonders and creativity into a reality. There, he works with a few volunteers that help him design the wheelchairs and scooters that they will be giving away.

Greathouse and the volunteers receive donations and some grants. Some of the chairs that they transform or customize are donated while a few are bought online for a very cheap price. Scooters and some parts are also donated and given by locals.

An average or standard wheelchair usually costs $3,500 while those wheelchairs with special functions and features are about $10,000 to $40,000. Realizing that a chair can be very expensive and not every person who needs one can buy one, he and his volunteers gather at his backyard after their day’s work to do some building and inventing. They work hard to make as many chairs as possible.

What make Greathouse’s wheelchairs uber-cool, aside from the features the inventor customized and created, are his and his volunteers’ effort, hard work, concern and passion when building them. Their desire to make wheelchairs accessible to any person is something that is heartwarming and their expertise to build those devices is way beyond cool.

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