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Pierce Parker: Proving Disability Doesn't Define You
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Pierce Parker: Proving Disability Doesn't Define You

Customer service is a difficult job, but Peirce Parker makes it look easy. Working at Raising Cane's on Pine Street in Shreveport, Pierce is hard to miss, and it is not because of his amputated leg – it is because of his speed. 

Pierce Parker was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo the leg amputation. Though his life changed massively, his disability did not stop him from working just as hard as anyone else would. His cancer was diagnosed when a tumor was found on his leg. Within a week, the size of a tumor increased and the family of the 12-year-old had a difficult decision to make.

Pierce's mother, Angela, mentioned how he had to undergo four different treatment plans and that they were told he wouldn't lose his leg. However, there came a point where they had to choose. His calf was that of a football player's and could reach 38 cm down. Though difficult, amputation was the only choice and the best decision for Pierce.

And it proved to be anything but a disability for Pierce. His mother mentioned how he refused to get a handicap license or let them drop him off anywhere. She also added that he doesn't care about the parking despite the rain; he has only become someone who would go to extents much greater than anyone else would.

If that's not enough, he also works 30 hours a week and is a full-time student too. His motivation isn't just restricted to his living but is also evidently visible at work. A joyous Pierce stated how there are co-workers and customers who often tell him how he gets around the place so fast. And to this, his only reply was how he tries to get things done fast, but it is only a shock for some people about how quickly he can zip around.

His boss John Parker praised his hard work and said now there is nothing different about him that can stop him because he is a hard worker. While you visit Raising Cane's, one look at Pierce and your day will turn a tad bit better.

Pierce will soon be 5 years cancer free and wishes to get a manager's position at Raising Cane's.

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