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Podium: Connecting Freelancers With Disabilities With Jobs
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Podium: Connecting Freelancers With Disabilities With Jobs

The Ability People founder and former Paralympian, Liz Johnson teamed up with Steve Carter to create Podium.

Podium is a new platform that gives freelancers with disabilities the opportunity to showcase their strengths, pursue new opportunities, and directly connect with employers on their terms.

The Ability People and Podium has the same mission, which is to empower skilled people with disabilities by connecting them to jobs. The Ability People help companies to become more diverse and inclusive by helping them draw inclusive plans and designs, and by recruiting people with disabilities whose skills mesh well with doing whatever a company aspires to achieve. Johnson sees the pandemic as a chance to create a platform for people who are willing to patronize people with disabilities services and help them stay self sufficient. "People with disabilities have various skills that can earn them money and keep them busy, but they have no common place to advertise their skills and services, that is why I decided to create Podium to connect clients with our talented members." Liz Johnson said.

Podium was launched last month, on Global Accessibility Awareness Day. The platform will connect freelancers with disabilities with jobs that entails remote working, it will also connect companies that are open to accommodating workers who require more agile work environments.

Podium's co-founder, Steve Carter is a recruitment consultant, and according to Johnson, Carter was the brain behind the platform. Podium serves as a door to working directly with employers. Johnson said that, about 32% of people with disabilities in the UK are unemployed. Fully recognizing the barriers to traditional workplaces and visibility to remote jobs for people with disabilities, Johnson knew Podium will be the best solution to disability unemployment.

Podium and The Ability People agenda is to close the wide gap between people with disabilities and employment,” Johnson said. “I know how talented and hardworking the disability workforce is, and how unjust it is that their works and values is not being recognized as it ought to be. So, we decided to put talented freelancers with disabilities in the spotlight through Podium."

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  4. Suzy Stop
    I am so glad that freelancing exists and that people with disabilities have the opportunity to find work.
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  5. bobbrencher01
    This podium is really useful and helpful too.
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    Yay! Im so glad how Podium has helped a lot of people with disabilities get good jobs. God sent!
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