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Politics and Disability: Is a Conservative Vote a Wasted Vote?
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Politics and Disability: Is a Conservative Vote a Wasted Vote?

Over the course of the last two years, the Tories have overseen tremendous economic growth in the UK. The pace of this growth has caught many experts by surprise, with the figure for expansion in 2014 having recently been revised upwards from 2.6% to 2.8%.

The current government has made no secret of the fact that sacrifices have been made to underpin this growth, with a view to creating sustainable foundations for the future. It has also managed to avoid widespread criticism from neutrals, although this may change after a recent report in the Guardian newspaper.

Will the Conservatives Slash Disability Benefits?

According to multiple news sources, a document has been leaked from Downing Street revealing that the Tories are considering reducing the welfare budget by £12 billion if they are afforded another term in power. While this may not seem overly controversial, further inspection of the document has revealed that disability benefits would be subject to one of the most brutal and expansive cuts. This has triggered an instant response from the Labour Party, with senior politicians demanding an immediate explanation for the millions of British citizens who would be impacted by the cuts.

According to the document, the Conservative Party would restrict the number of people eligible to claim the carer’s allowance in the UK. This would mean that an estimated 40% of all current claimants would miss out on a valuable source of income, as the Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independent Payments and the Attendance Allowance would no longer be tax free. In addition to restricting access to specialised mobility cars and introducing the proposed Bedroom Tax (which according to social studies would impact negatively on 75% of disabled residents in Britain), the latest proposal would potentially marginalize this demographic and create a significant backlash.

The Fall-out for Disabled Citizens and the Conservatives

With the document now firmly in the public eye and Labour demanding a response from the Tories, David Cameron and his party may be forced to reveal the full details of their plan or disown it before the nation’s media. Either course of act would have potentially negative repercussions for the party, who run the risk of either alienating a large and motivated voter demographic or revealing that they lack the courage of their convictions.

For the thousands of disabled citizens throughout the UK, the impact could be even more devastating. Although previous Tory cuts mean that the publication of this report may not come as a surprise, the extent of the budget reductions will shock both disabled voters and carers alike. This means that anyone with a disability will need to think carefully before taking to the polls, as a vote for the Tories may well have a huge impact on the quality of live and freedom that they are able to access on a daily basis.

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