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Positive Changes in Disabled Workers Employment
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Positive Changes in Disabled Workers Employment

Recent months represent a positive change for the disabled people as far as their chance to get a job is concerned. Between April and December 2016 the numbers of employment among the disabled people grew steadily and the overall ratio of employment-to-population experienced a rocketing growth. In December, the numbers shifted from 26.6% of the last year to 28.7%. This trend could not appear out of the blue sky and the numbers suggest that is a relatively stable phenomenon. The factors contributing to it should be commented on in greater detail so they are a topic of this article.

A Big Chance for Companies

One of the reasons behind the changing figures may be that the businesses are becoming more and more open-minded towards the employment of the disabled people. Companies have to deal with a very low average unemployment rate which is oscillating around 4.9%. However, this is not true for the disabled people whose unemployment rate is about 2 times higher. It is thus more possible that there are more qualified workers needed by the companies among the disabled people than among the people without any disabilities. Companies also begin to understand that possible benefits of employing disabled people may overweight the risks of it and thus start to create an environment which helps disabled people to work with greater ease and to fulfill their potential which has a reverse positive effect on the company.

Programs and Benefits

Several large worldwide companies, such as Microsoft or SAP also support the integration of the disabled workers into the work process by running their own supportive programs. More important is, however, the involvement of the small businesses which represent the backbone of the economy and also employ the largest number of disabled people. Smaller companies which hire disabled workers benefit from tax credits and they are also offered services by the communities, as is for example Department o Labor´s Office of Disability Employment Policy which provide necessary knowledge about how to work with disabled workers in order to make him and the company satisfied.

And What About the Federal Government?

On January 3, 2017, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission also announced a final rule for the federal government which should help to further reduce the unemployment rate of the disabled. The rule imposed on the federal agencies consists of 3 main parts. First, the government should formulate goals and sub-goals for people with disabilities The government should also help disabled people to integrate into a work process, provide them personal assistance services whenever they are needed. This assistance would be connected with tasks of everyday life and it would not include a medical care so it could be provided also by a person without any medical training and qualification. The federal government and its agencies should also formulate a policy to improve the situation of disabled people in all steps of the process - recruitment, hiring, retention, and advancement of the workers.

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