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Slow Progression of Cultural Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities in the U.S.
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Slow Progression of Cultural Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities in the U.S.

Lately, I have been hitting a wall with several disability related things I am interested in.  I have found that many of the things you'd think would be a simple find here in the self proclaimed welcoming and progressive country like the USA, aren't as easy to find.  When I looked up modeling for persons with disabilities, what did I find? There is very little in the way of successful avenues here in the U.S., when there are ample opportunities for it overseas.  How about accessibility products?  Abroad, they seem to come up with the most creative, and most widely used things such, as wheelblades or the tek robotic mobilization device.  Granted, the ekso bionic skeleton, and freewheel were invented from the good ol' USA, which are both magnificent products, but how long did it take other countries to get their hands on and utilize new technology, as opposed to the U.S.?

Or how about exposure for disabilities?  With the upcoming winter olympics, it is in the back of my mind that the American media has not covered the Paralympics nearly as often they have the Olympics. Other countries televise the Paralympics and people seem to thoroughly enjoy it, not finding it to be anything out of the ordinary.  This is the first year they are really taking a big stride in the right direction. London Paralympic turnout had the greatest impact on this I believe. Now we can sit down with our families, with impressionable children who are just now forming their thoughts about disabilities, and we can show them what we can collectively do, as an empowered rather than oppressed wonderful group of people.

What other products have you heard of that you'd love to give a try?  How did you hear about them?  Do you subscribe to any disability-related magazines, blogs, newsletters, etc. to help you?? Do you leave it up to your doctors to inform you of things they thing you might need?  Do you have a group of friends with disabilities whom you have discussions with? What do you wish was readily available to you, that you've had difficulties obtaining?

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  2. Dan Cypress
    This is so true and it seems that it's not heard. It will be great if many would talk about this like
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