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Promoting Well-Being for the Handicapped
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Promoting Well-Being for the Handicapped

The welfare, well-being and health of handicapped people is an important topic to discuss. After all, wasn’t it Marcus Aurelius who once said that living is not just about existing, but about feeling good? Without well-being, life is unbearable and surely not worth living. Of course, much of this is all about one’s perception of life and certain situations, but there are a few elements that we all need in order to be able to truly enjoy life. And, living with certain limitations, along with constantly facing obstacles in one’s daily life, can make living with a certain degree of well-being quite hard to obtain.

We all need a certain amount of social support, whether we are handicapped or not. This entails being able to find the necessary help we need, such as health care and help in general in order to be able to take care of oneself.

Something else that is incredibly important for our well-being and which affects us greatly is the affection that others show us. Even when we are a bit more on the solitary side, we appreciate being cared for and having someone care for us. It is a undeniably a pleasant feeling.

Now, for some reason, it is much easier for men, whether they are handicapped or not, to seek the affection and general social help they need in their lives than it is for women, including women without any form of limitation.

But, when it comes to giving affection and offering help, it is women who have a tendency of answering the requests. They are especially prone to giving some tender, loving care to anyone who asks for it. Women in general are more sensitive and therefore want others to feel good.

However, whether they are male or female, those with handicaps or other forms of limitations will generally receive less help and less social support than those without limitations. This definitely shows a level of unfairness that needs to be corrected.



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  1. pftsusan
    Women are naturers by nature That's why they are usually the first to be the soft place to fall or to comfort someone.
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  2. Rolling Without Limits Support
    Rolling Without Limits Support
    Thanks for the post!
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  3. Broken English
    Broken English
    Voted. Great blog
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  4. John Mark
    Vote #11! We should all be quick to lend a helping hand!
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