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Put Yourself OUT THERE!
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Put Yourself OUT THERE!


Ya never know what’s possible unless you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zones once in a while.  That’s how we grow! A few weeks ago I wrote an article about how Cerebral Palsy was a speed bump in my life. It’s true, it slows me down from time to time but It has NEVER stopped me from pursuing anything I set my mind to. I wrote in the article that I wanted a shirt that spoke to me about how I felt about my situation. I came up with: CP is a Speed Bump! I liked it. The more I thought about it made me think: Speed Bump….hmmmm, wait a minute! Dave Coverly has a comic strip called Speed Bump! So, me being the extroverted introvert that I am, I looked Dave up! I have read his one-panel comic every day for the past ten years. I thought: This is a great idea! I’m gonna ask Dave if he would do a panel for me to use as the banner for my blog here at Rolling Without Limits! And guess what?... you’ll never guess! Good ol Dave said: “Sure!” So, a week or so later Dave sends me a rough sketch he did while having breakfast on a Sunday morning. Even his pencil sketch was AWESOME! He asked me if I thought it was ok!... He asked me… if I THOUGHT it was OK!..... phphppht!. Well, ya know what I said? I said… I said,

“No Dave it’s not OK…. It’s FREAKIN AWESOME!”

Do you know why it’s awesome? It’s awesome because Dave Coverly didn’t know me from Adam. He owes me nothing, He is a  very busy, paid syndicated artist. He has deadlines, and book deals, and family, and pets that are probably way higher up on his to-do list than doing a favor for some crazy guy in Virginia. But, I reached out. I think Dave appreciated what I was doing. I think he appreciated what I am trying to say. Because it applies to life, not just to those with CP. All the everyday hassles and hiccups we all experience every day are just speed bumps in the road. Don’t let them stop you. 

As I said, Dave’s got lots in the works:

“Macmillan is publishing a lovely collection of all my cat cartoons, Cats Are People, Too, in March (it's a follow up to the Dogs Are People, Too collection), and IDW is publishing a hardback 25th anniversary Best of Speed Bump in May. The full color looks great. There's also a third collection coming out in February, but it's in France and all the cartoons have been translated into French….” Dave Coverly 

Check out Speedbump here:

Dave thinks his art would look great on a gray T-shirt! I think he’s right! Let me know what you think? If you would like a shirt like this. Leave me a comment below. If I get enough requests. I’ll try to get it done!

Until next time… Keep Movin Y’all! Because: CP is Just a Speed Bump!


Image credit: Dave Coverly

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  1. Arnie Slater
    Arnie Slater Copy and paste the link in your browser to see the full image The above link is to the full illustration. I was unable to get it to fit properly in the image space provided. This is a shame because it’s really cool
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