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QualityRights Training for Special Olympic Coaches
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QualityRights Training for Special Olympic Coaches

When I was in junior high, one of my friends invited me to this thing called Special Olympics that her grandfather oversaw. It was the most fun I had every had. Emily and I—yes we are both named Emily—helped out as volunteers. We walked with the torch and worked specifically with kids and adults in wheelchairs. So, when I heard about how Special Olympics Ghana was hosting a QualityRights training for coaches, I just knew this had to be talked about. 

The director of Special Olympics Ghana collaborated with Basic Needs and Christian Health Association of Ghana to facilitate the training of over 100 coaches. Training began back in February and run through the end of 2020. During the training, coaches received an in depth understanding of the health rights of athletes. The Ministry of Health website will host the on-line tool, as well as additional information about mental health and intellectual will host the on-line tool, as well as additional information about mental health and intellectual disabilities. With this knowledge, they can educate their communities about QualityRights. Training included both face-to-face and e-online. QualityRights training has equipped coaches to rightfully speak for inclusion of children with ID in the mainstream schools. 

To facilitate further training effectively, Special Olympics Ghana received a computer and internet supply from QualityRights Ghana to enable more health workers, teachers, and coaches who do not have internet access to do their training as coaches come from different regions and rural areas to be trained. The program plans to have had over 500 coaches trained by the end of 2019. Overall, they plan on having over 50,000 people trained in Ghana by 2021,  through numerous partnering NGOs and the Mental Health Authority of Ghana. Special Olympics representatives are in full support of the project and are looking forward to a historic step to advance education on disabilities in Ghana and the the rest of the world. 

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    It is vital for people with disabilities to bring their experience, skills, and innovations forward to help solve the challenges that affect all of us. From climate-change activist Greta Thunberg, who is autistic, to others who are on the forefront of positive change, people with disabilities have a lot to contribute >>
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