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Your mobility may be limited. Your voice, boundless.

REX, the Hands-free Robotic Exoskeleton.
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REX, the Hands-free Robotic Exoskeleton.

I Came across Sophie Morgan; she has appeared on Britain's Missing Top Model; she's also a TV presenter, artist and Drive IQ ambassador. She’s paralyzed from the chest down due to a car accident when she was 18.

Sophie had the chance to try out REX, the hands-free robotic exoskeleton from New Zealand. REX seems a wonderful option as you don’t need crutches to use it, which had been the issue I had with the others that I have seen. 

I have to say that this robotic exoskeleton version is a lot nicer and less cumbersome then eLEGS in my humble opinion. I would gladly try REX after seeing Sophie walk. Sophie uses it without assistance, I don’t have a clue what it feels like to walk unassisted and stand in the middle of the floor without a care in the world as I have always had a disability but for Sophie, it has brought back the same feeling she had before her accident.

When you are sitting all the time you don’t always feel included in the group as you do when you are standing along with your friends.  Its part of what Sophie missed about standing.

 She had been looking forward to hugging her boyfriend standing up and it was definitely high on her list of things she wanted to do. Now she can cook easier and reach glasses in the cabinets. 

 Eventually, they want to be able to put electrodes on your brain to do the same thing that REX does without having to wear the exoskeleton.

The problem with these robotic exoskeletons is they are so expensive that almost no one can afford it. Only the lucky few that get to test it get to play and have fun with it. Still, it’s not theirs, unless they buy it which in most cases is something that they will never be able to afford unless donated to them.






 If you are interested check out the link to the website. Rex Bionics








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  1. Matthew Tilford
    Matthew Tilford
    It's an amazing feeling to be up and standing again. I am happy you are advocating for exoskeleton technology. The more we the public knows the lower the prices go. It will be nice when the prices go down enough where we all can afford one. Matthew Tilford
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