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Rajasthan-Based Narayan Seva Sansthan NGO Has Started a Campaign Named ‘Paramarsh’ For The Differently-Abled Community
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Rajasthan-Based Narayan Seva Sansthan NGO Has Started a Campaign Named ‘Paramarsh’ For The Differently-Abled Community

Due to the COVID-19 virus, almost 80,000 Indians have been admitted to the hospital and over 2500 people have already lost their lives. But in this tough time, people have been supported by doctors and health care workers who are the real-life heroes fighting against this virus.

In this battle, Rajasthan-based NGO Narayan Seva Sansthan (NSS) has also taken part. Recently they had started a free of cost campaign titled ‘Paramarsh’. The campaign aims to spread awareness about the coronavirus amongst people with and without disabilities. Paramarsh' was a five-day online live session held on various platforms of social media like Facebook and YouTube.

The live health consultancy session was held between May 10-14 by senior doctors who had answered all the questions asked by over 15,000 people with and without disabilities related to COVID-19. Each session lasted for an hour.

In these tough times, people with disabilities are facing various health issues. Joint movement problems, lower right leg pain, bone pain, and nerve compression are some of the same problems that all differently-abled go through. Due to the lockdown, they can't even afford quality healthcare facilities.

To address such problems, under the guidance of President Prashant Agarwal this campaign was started by NSS. Yet being a Rajasthan-based NGO, NSS has always gone out of its way and has hosted events for differently-abled people and has always been a support system for them.

According to the NSS team, in all of the live sessions, many people with disabilities had questions related to joint pain, slip disc, heel pain, bone tenderness, knee pain, joint movement pain, joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and nerve bulge.

Since the lockdown has been declared on 24th March, over 1850 families are been helped with ration and 40,000 masks and over 76,000 food packets by the NGO. The team of NSS has also provided face masks and PPE kits to policemen and health care workers.

Image credit: Narayan Seva Sansthan/ YouTube Screencap

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