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ReBirth Day
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ReBirth Day

Do you celebrate something that has changed your life? The day of your birth, anniversary or child’s birth are monumental. That day for me is my rebirth. May 26, 2007 was the day I became a survivor, which opened my eyes to how beautiful life is. My six year mark is around the corner and I couldn’t be happier with my achievements in life. While most of you are thinking how can someone who lost the ability to walk be so happy. I try to look at the positive aspects of my life.

From the scene of my accident I knew my life was going to be completely different from what I had planed for my future. I wasn’t sure if I would make it past that night but luckily I made it. My appreciation for the amazing family and friends is inexpressible. The first couple years after a spinal cord injury have many ups and downs. Transitioning into a new lifestyle was strenuous after living a certain way for eighteen years. This point of my life is where I should be becoming an adult but instead I was at a child’s level of taking care of myself. The beginning is toughest part but everything gets better with time.

I became active in sport which was the best thing for my mental state. Attending local college classes while also going to physical therapy helped me gain my endurance. One of my favorite accomplishments was moving away from home. Having my family further away changed my ability to care for myself. I was fully independent and could live without the help of family and friends. Losing my independence was the worse about my accident.

When Ekso Bionics gave me the opportunity to walk I couldn’t say no. I was content with the new life I was given and 100% established on my wheelchair. I have no problem being on a chair for the rest of my life. Over a year and a half later I have taken well over 35,000 steps while using Ekso. I now travel with the company as an ambassador. Its still mind boggling to think walking is my job. Within the six year period of my life I have made accomplishments I could never fathom. Most single paralyzed people wonder if family is possible. I myself never saw a wife or kids in my future. I didn’t think anyone would love or be able to put up with me until I met my wife. We hit it off and fell in love fast. Relationships are fun at the beginning because everything is really new. A family is possible so don’t give up.

Who knows where I will be in another six years but I encourage you to stick around to see for yourself. There wont be a party on May 26 but it will always be a day I appreciate.

For more about myself please come and say hello on my personal website.

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  1. pftsusan
    Very touching. Thank you for sharing. Happy Re-birthday.
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  2. sweedly
    Very good. I enjoyed reading this and wish you continued success. Voted!
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  3. Chuck Mathers
    What a great story, it felt like you it touched my soul while I am having a break at I never knew that I'll be reading an inspiring article like this.
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  4. Larry Lopez
    This is so touching. I wish you the best of luck with your life! Thank you for sharing this.
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