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Red Band Society, Shining Light on Youth with Disabilities: Coming to TV this Fall
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Red Band Society, Shining Light on Youth with Disabilities: Coming to TV this Fall

You may remember actress Octavia Spencer from films like “The Help.” This Fall, she is joining the cast of a new show on Fox called “Red Band Society” set in a hospital and featuring high school kids fighting for their health. The show tells the story of the kids who face a variety of diseases and disabilities which may sound like a heavy topic for TV, but the premise works in humor, and lightheartedness while focusing on the time the kids spend together in the hospital, how it changes them, and the friendships they make for a lifetime.

Spending time in hospitals and medical facilities in a real reality for many people with disabilities. For kids and young people facing disabilities or life-altering diseases, many will tell you that the time they spent in the hospital helped shape who they are today and the friendships they made there often carry them through adulthood.

The show is narrated by the voice of one boy in the hospital in a coma and he puts an often humorous spin on all the characters that come into contact with him and all the teenage drama happening with the other characters.

The trailer shows two boys who bond over their cancer diagnosis after they both face the harsh reality of losing their legs and needing to adjust to life in a wheelchair. Another female character has a heart defect and another young lady faces an eating disorder.

One of the stars Wilson Cruz recently said in an interview with Variety that “the show is about inspiring our viewers to take on whatever they’re facing.” Viewers will appreciate the shows take on flashing back to the kids’ childhoods before they ended up together in the hospital.

While the patients may be the starring characters, the series will also spotlight the lives of men and women hospital professionals who dedicate their lives to helping kids with disabilities gain the skills and strength to live successful adult lives.

The show gets its name from the red hospital bands that all the kids are given when they are admitted as patients which ultimately binds them all together as they help each other face their struggles together and triumph in the face of disability together.

To get a sneak peek of the new show, watch the trailer here:

Red Band Society premiers September 17 on Fox. Will you be watching?

How do you think shows like this one bring positive attention and help support a positive image for youth with disabilities? Share your opinion in the comments.


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