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Rediscover the Inner Karmic Connection - Yoga
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Rediscover the Inner Karmic Connection - Yoga

In our everyday stressed life routine, how many of us manage to take the necessary time out just to splurge ourselves in inner peace?

I am sure many of us would question this either with something like: "Where is the time?" or "Is it even important to?" But try and take a second out and give it a thought. How many of us are at peace with ourselves?! Our unhappiness could be with the way twe look, feel, or think. We often lead a stressed out monotonous life, with distorted thoughts.

Maybe I've bitten off more than I can chew. I don't intend to sound like another saint/sadhu. But unfortunately, in our attempt in trying to mend our connections and relationships on the personal or professional front with the outside world, we somehow forget the importance and significance to develop the inner connection within ourselves. And with the right path one can find absolute Serenity within, without having to look outside for peace and search for happiness beyond ourselves. And for me at least, the right path would be Yoga. It's something that has changed my life inside out. From a very restless person to someone with clarity of Mind and a much more disciplined approach towards Life and everything in general. It does help. Yoga - the term in itself means Spiritual Discipline, in Hinduism.

In spite of the on-going trend of the "tread-mill", and the protein shake based work out regime, people prefer Yoga any day over it. In the end it's really not about the mode of exercise, it's more about the right way to do anything no matter what you choose. With the right guidance, and patience to go along one can manage to lead a healthy lifestyle in spite of the time restraints. And also it's not all about the amount of calories you burn at the end of the day; it's also more importantly about living a healthier Life on a long term. Because of the misconceptions people often tend to associate Yoga with the complicated over-hyped postures or the breathing exercises. It's so much more than just that. It isn't just the physical aspect of it that transforms one inside out, it's the sheer ability of developing discipline and focus with constant practice. The ancient origin of Yoga dates back to thousands of years ago. Only the form of it has changed with time. Initially it was more about the meditation and relaxation over positive thinking, whereas now with the changing lifestyle of today's time it's more about the rigorous postures and the right breathing to go with it. Yoga can also be very beneficial to many Physiological as well as Psychological problems. Practice Yoga for a better and a much happier you. And rediscover yourself! Happy Yog'ing.

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