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Reduce, Reuse, Rehab
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Reduce, Reuse, Rehab

Have you faced a time when the equipment that could help you live life, provide you with greater mobility and help open your world to increased opportunities was not affordable or not available? One of the greatest challenges many individuals with disabilities face is lack of affordable healthcare equipment, ever increasing costs and fewer available financing options.

Thankfully there are many organizations across the country that have begun providing a low to no cost way of reusing and repurposing medical equipment. Many of these organizations receive requests to provide donated medical equipment or unused supplies and then distribute them to people in need through the local community, country and even world.

Even small donations can make a big difference in the life of an individual, to your community as a whole and to the environment. Donating used medical equipment, whether it is an old wheelchair, a pair of crutches, shower equipment, walkers, grab bars, hearing aids and batteries, keeps that equipment out of landfills.

Landfills and garbage services often apply extra charges to dump large equipment or medical supplies. Why not instead donate them to an organization who can repurpose it for free? Many organizations accept donations year round or hold annual drives looking for specific types of equipment.

Equipment is sometimes even offered for sale for a fraction of the cost of buying new. The cost of a new wheelchair, respiratory equipment or even home health adaptations can cost up to thousands of dollars if you buy them new. For many community members, insurance often is unable to cover all or even part of those costs.

Often, once donated supplies and equipment are dropped off and donated, organizations utilize volunteers and employees to refurbish and make any repairs needed, including thorough hygienic and safety checks. Their staff then matches individuals in the community with their equipment, depending on their needs.

Do you have an old wheelchair, shower stool or pair of crutches sitting in your garage? Consider donating them to an organization close to home. Though you may not need it anymore, your equipment can provide the gift of mobility to someone in your community who may otherwise not have the opportunity to leave their home, go to work or monitor their health without it! And it’s a great way to clean out your garage, closet or storage unit!

To learn more about healthcare recycling organizations, check out the work that HERO has been doing here: They are just one of many organizations across the country making a big impact in their community and globally.

Have you ever donated to a healthcare recycling organization or received/purchased equipment from one? Tell us about it in the comments.

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