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Remote Jobs Improve Barriers to Employment
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Remote Jobs Improve Barriers to Employment

“My disability exists not because I use a wheelchair, but because the broader environment isn't accessible.” -Stella Young, Comedian

Many notable companies, such as IBM, Proctor & Gamble, and Ernst and Young, have embraced technology by offering remote jobs, flexible jobs, and freelance gigs to their employees. These lucrative opportunities offer employers an advantage with regards to keeping costs down in their effort to accommodate people with disabilities. For workers with disabilities, such employment opportunities offer independence not easily attained in most workplaces. With remote jobs, such as data entry, writing, medical coding, and computer operations, people with disabilities can achieve mastery over their vocation without the barriers often found in most companies.

Even in the most compliant of workplaces, it may be challenging for employees with disabilities to find a job that meets their physical requirements - ramps, parking, and aisles and workstations that are equipped to allow individuals to carry out tasks with relative ease. Other barriers that people with disabilities must face include negative attitudes from other people. Workers with disabilities often face prejudice and stereotypes in the workplace - their disability may be viewed as something that needs “fixed”. Another common obstacle is transportation. Sometimes a visual or cognition impairment prevents them from driving, other times, there is no public transit available.

(Disability And Health Barriers).

When considering what constitutes as a disability, it is important to consider invisible disabilities, such as hearing, visual, cognitive and mental impairments. In fact, these hidden disabilities may not be regarded the same as a physical disability.

Whether a physical or an “invisible” disability, remote jobs from reputable companies offer a myriad of opportunities and freedom not afforded in traditional workplaces. Choosing your own schedule, deciding what projects to accept or decline, and the satisfaction of working at home offer a sense of empowerment to anybody seeking employment that is not restricted by external barriers.

Companies Offering Remote Jobs:

  • Apple
  • Aetna
  • IBM
  • Hilon
  • Neilson
  • Dell
  • Adecco
  • Enterprise
  • Lexicode
  • Neiman-Marcus
  • Humana

A comprehensive list is available at:

Work-At-Home Jobs With Employee Benefits

Companies Offering Flexible Workplaces

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