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Reshaping The Perception Of Disability Through Films
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Reshaping The Perception Of Disability Through Films

Films drive the societies perception of certain values and ethics. It provides entertainment, it is also a way to nourish our understanding of human experience, it also influences our perception about people, place or things.

Do you know that biased disability perception can greatly be reshaped through disability inclusion in films? Films are capable of pushing boundaries, shape culture, and define social norms. The truth is film making is not just a creative enterprise, but also a necessity in redefining the budding relationship between the disability and business communities.

The power of memories gives rise to imaginations. To this effect, views and positive perceptions on disabilities, inclusion, and accessibility can be crafted into reality TV shows and film to help reshape people's imagination, to help people see disability in newfound ways, to help create a link between the experiences of people with disabilities and the growth of opportunity for employment and increasing one’s trajectory in life and work. The film making industry must embrace accurate portrayals of persons with disabilities by elevating storylines and creating narratives that chronicle those with disabilities throughout the realm of this imaginary art form and amplify the presence of this community in a myriad of ways.

Films can also be a source of employment for actors/actresses with disabilities if filmmakers or directors begin to feature them regularly in films. It meant there will be employment opportunities for actors with disabilities both in front of the camera as well as behind it.

While hiring persons with disabilities on all levels of the film making industry is vital, it is the creation of the narrative that is of equal importance to propel the practice of inclusion forward.

We need to see and hear storylines of persons with disabilities put into the mix of everyday life. It is important not to forget that there are two sides to this change of perception. Through the mixture of artistry and advocacy, there is a role that each can lend a hand and pen a line to mold the ever-changing account of the disability experience. Advocacy continues to play a vital role in reshaping the perception of disability and this also continues to be true in the entertainment industry. 

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  1. mabelgoodrich
    Thanks for sharing this post. The film is not only a source of entertainment but also a great way to know about society's norms, beliefs, and culture. Being a student of film making and development department, I like watching different films and related books. I am really glad to find the book 'Crucible' by Arthur Miller, explaining similarities and differences between book and movie. You could visit for more free essy examples and writing ideas. I hope inclusion disabilities actors and actresses should be practiced regularly in the film industry.
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