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Rewired to Walk
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Rewired to Walk

He could not walk because of a muscular disorder. His muscles would twitch and twist involuntarily. But when doctors performed a special procedure wherein wires were attached to his brain, the involuntary twisting and other disturbing muscular movements disappeared. It was a wonderful miracle; the child was rewired to walk.

Robbie Ovenstone is your average little boy who loves to run, play with friends and jump around. He was born a normal kid; he is energetic, healthy, happy and playful. He can do anything like any normal child can. But one day his parents noticed something odd about his movements.

Mr. Doug Ovenstone, his father, said that he could vividly remember how things started. It was Christmas of 2008 when he and his wife, Jane, observed that Robbie’s right arm has a strange movement; it kept moving up behind his head. They wondered what gesture or movement was that.

They asked Robbie why he was doing that, but Robbie answered he doesn’t know. In fact his arm just moved like that without him even noticing. Worried, Doug and Jane had Robbie checked. The doctors thought at first that it was some form or type of epileptic disorder.

They have him scanned and checked his neurological status and function. But before treatment started, Robbie’s condition worsened. His father said that his right foot began twisting inward while Robbie is walking, causing his son to fall over. Doug and Jane became very worried and frustrated as they looked at their son get worse as weeks went by.

In September 2009, they went to the Sick Children’s Hospital in Edinburg to have their son checked again. After doctors examined Robbie’s condition and assessed laboratory results and other medical findings, they finally find out what was happening to the kid- Robbie is suffering from dystonia.

Dystonia is a muscular disorder wherein the person experiences abnormal involuntary movements and posture. The disorder is said to be due to a malfunction in the CNS or Central Nervous System wherein the brain sends abnormal signals to the muscles, causing them to twist or move in a strange way.

When Robbie’s parents learned about their son’s condition, they were heartbroken, but at the same time relieved for they already know what’s happening to him. The doctors suggested that, to save Robbie and to make him walk again, he must undergo a special neurosurgical procedure known as Deep Brain Stimulation. The procedure involves implanting a medical device called as the brain pacemaker, wherein it sends signals through implanted wires or electrodes to specific parts of the brain in order to treat the movement disorder.

Luckily for Robbie, the procedure was a success. His recovery was quick. In just a matter of weeks, this young kid was able to walk again, run around and play with his friends.

After he was rewired to walk, Robbie is again enjoying the things he used to do. He is happy, healthy, and enthusiastic. Doug and Jane are very grateful to see their son having a normal life again.

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    Thanks, Abe. What an inspiring story.
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