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Rising Against the Tide
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Rising Against the Tide

There is nothing that sounds better than hitting the beach on a warm, hot, sunny day. For some, this is an ideal place to head to when the heat starts kicking in, but for people who need wheelchairs to move around, it is very difficult. That is, until now. A couple decided to break this barrier and rise against the tide by coming up with a beach wheelchair that enabled them to enjoy the beach just like they used to.

What led to this change?

All it took was an unquenchable passion for this couple to come up with a viable solution. Karen Deming, from Pensacola Florida, loved the waves and the sand. Her star sign is Aquarius and she is a water person through and through.

However, one fateful day in the year 1990, Karen’s life turned upside down. A car accident damaged her spinal cord, turning her into a quadriplegic. It took her many years to come to terms with the fact that life was not going to be the same again – that this was not something she could ever get over.

She had to learn to adapt to the changes that this brought on. Trips to the beach, which was always a mood lifter, became far too difficult. Since it was her only comfort, her husband Michael tried carrying her, but this did not prove very easy. They tried a bunch of other methods, all of which were in vain. Finally, disgusted, Karen gave up. That was when Karen’s husband, Michael, decided to deal with the situation himself.  

Introducing the De-Bug Beach Wheelchair

Unable to see his wife unhappy, Michael tried to come up with a chair that could travel on sand. Whether it is coolers, cars or bicycles, almost all wheels usually sink into the sand and get stuck. With Michael determined to rise against the tide, after several prototypes, the De-Bug Beach Wheelchair saw the light of day.

Made up of 316 – L stainless steel, this chair has a firm frame and is of a higher grade than regular stainless steel. It allows special seating and positioning for people with all ranges of disability, thus making it quite flexible. This all-terrain chair is capable of traversing all kinds of paths that a regular wheelchair would have trouble moving on.  

The idea caught on quite fast. The couple was first approached by local park rangers who wanted these chairs to allow people with disabilities to see the parks. Thereafter, hotels and even municipalities began to ask for these chairs, turning what started out as a mission for one into a full-fledged business. 

The current scene

Karen and Michael now cater to people with different kinds of disabilities, customising these chairs for kids as small as three years. For the couple, providing people with disabilities the chance to make memories and enjoy everyday life to the fullest is certainly rewarding.

The best part is that these chairs can be taken apart while transporting and then put back up. Able to tilt and turn easily, this couple is determined to rise against the tide and create something that can help people across the world. And that is why they are constantly upgrading and reworking the wheelchair to better suit the needs of people with different abilities. 

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