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Rolling by the Beach
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Rolling by the Beach

Today was one of the happiest days. It is not an exaggeration but a realization which stems from knowing what it is like to feel cloistered. The freedom which I felt today had eluded me for the last few years. I loved feeling the wet sand under my feet as I rolled by the beach today. The beach wheelchair provided me with the ride of my life!

The Beach Wheelchair- A Magical Experience

For the past five years I have been wheel chair bound. I am not the sort to hold on to frustrations. In fact one thing I have learned is to take things in stride. To let events take their own course, an acceptance rather than a resignation towards one’s fate. It helps ease the burdens which life heaps on you.

For people who want nothing more than to feel self sufficient, a helping hand given with the clearest of intentions can pierce like an arrow. The beach wheelchair gave me an independence I had craved. Instead of simply waving at my family from the shore I was actually enjoying my time on the beach with them.

It’s a magical feeling, the wind blowing through your hair. The surf landing on your face, the droplets of water, you can taste the salty air. I couldn’t access the beach using my regular wheelchair; often because it didn’t have the huge wheels which would help me maneuver it on the sand. I would always need a helping hand. Someone had to leave all their fun and assist me. I didn’t derive a great deal of pleasure from it.

The Benefits of Hiring Beach Wheel Chairs

In the past few years, hundreds of beaches around the world have made beach wheelchairs available on rent for people with mobility issues. There’s a growing awareness, a feeling of empathy with differently able individuals. For me using a beach wheelchair offers the following benefits

  • Provide a sense of complete freedom. It’s actually fun whooshing around on a battery powered wheel chair. I for once felt like I was riding a beach bike.
  • The independence which comes with it is an added plus.
  • You get to enjoy all the fun with your friends and loved ones and never ever feel left behind.

A beach wheel chair is a real blessing and one which should be availed at all costs!

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