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SCI, Recovery and Body Flexibility
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SCI, Recovery and Body Flexibility

I have SCI but I do not have a soft body, so I am not a man in a flexible body. I enjoy how I feel on my wheelchair, I enjoy my mobility but there are other people who enjoy not just the mobility but their body flexibility. I don't know if you have ever noticed that there is a fine line between struggling for independence because of what you see others doing and making safe choices that are right for your body and situation.

When on a wheelchair, we see people do what we cannot do and sometimes feel we had failed, the truth is we did not, our body has different flexibility, I would never participate in adaptive skiing but there are people with disabilities who are training hard to skii because their body allows them to.

Be comfortable in your own body, during rehab we heal differently, even with the same therapy, some patients respond quickly to therapy, while some of us had to take a bit longer to heal from our injuries.

"Body flexibility has a lot to do when talking about rehabilitation and recovery of an SCI patient, while a patient with flexible body heals quicker, others will less flexible body take some time to respond to therapy," Dr. John Hopkin from New York said. "But in all this, each and every patient will recover at their own space, what is important is the recovery."

Body flexibility, sport, and therapy during recovery.

There are a lot of sports and therapy for people with disabilities, many SCI patient are encouraged to participate in adaptive sports and therapy because it has many health and social-cultural benefits, in fact, many veterans with SCI are enrolling into adaptive sport training centers but it is important to note that not all sport is good for your body, some need a more flexible body to be performed. Make sure you speak with your doctor and know how far you can go when flexing your bones. 

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  1. Shadee
    You are right, flexibility matters
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  2. JJR
    I have a flexible body and I don't get jealous when I meet people with more flexible body.
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  3. adilahbisar8
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