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Seats That Can Lift Your Spirits
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Seats That Can Lift Your Spirits

No one wants to spend an entire day sitting in the same spot. The person who relies on a wheelchair to get from place to place should not have to remain in that same wheeled chair while he or she is spending time at home. Still, it can be difficult to transfer an adult from a one type of seat to another. That fact underscores the benefit offered through acquisition of a chairlift.

Some chairlifts have been designed with an eye to simplifying the task of transferring an adult within a seating area. Some of these special seats have been equipped with special arms. The arms can be raised, during at transfer procedure, and then put back in position once that procedure has been completed. That makes it possible to move a person in a wheelchair into a comfortable seat, one in which the arms can enjoy a suitable means of support.

A chairlift’s base does not maintain a parallel alignment with the floor. Its base can be moved into a position that allows it be almost perpendicular to the floor. Then someone who can stand-up long enough to fit into the vacate space on the chair’s surface can be shifted into a seated position. He or she does not have to go-through the process of walking to a seat and then slowly lowering his or her body onto that cushioned surface.

Sometimes the person who requires a chairlift demands a bit of extra care. Certain chairlifts make life a bit easier for the caregiver. Some of them have a storage area in one of the arms and a tray that can be raised from the opposite arm. Anyone who intends to do some chairlift-shopping, whether online or in a brick and mortar store ought to become familiar with the term pocketed coil spring. That is the springy structure that has been included in any seat that can lift a seated adult in to a variety of different positions. The consumer who wants a seat with pocketed coil spring normally gets to select from about five to six different coverings. Each is typical of the upholstery that is found on the types of seats that are placed in a home’s living room or family room.

Some of these special seats have been made extra-wide. Others have been designed to match the needs of a very tall adult. There are even seating products that can be used to lift a petite adult, as long as he or she is not less than five feet tall. Chair-makers seem to assume that any adult who is less than five feet tall could be moved with relative ease into an alternate spot, even if that involves lifting them out-of a wheelchair.




Sue Chehrenegar is a freelance writer who has helped to care for a woman who was confined to a wheelchair. She did not enjoy the luxury of having a chairlift. She spent just about her entire day in her wheeled chair. That experience helped to highlight for Sue the appeal of the chairlift.



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