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Segway Wheelchair Ready for Testing
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Segway Wheelchair Ready for Testing

The Segway wheelchair is making its way in the streets of Japan. The mobility chair produced by Segway Japan Ltd, located in Yokohama, is being tested to evaluate its functionality, features, and specifications.

The Segway wheelchair is adapted and modified from the famous Segway PT (personal transporter), a self-balancing, two-wheeled, battery-powered electric scooter created and designed by Dean Kamen. Segway Japan invented its own Segway device – a wheelchair that allows users to change direction by shifting their weight – which is also called Genny Mobility.

Vice President of Segway Japan Ltd, Dai Akimoto, held a trial and demonstration of the motor-powered wheelchair for the first time in the streets of Japan last November 7. The trials took place at a location designated for manufacturers to test robots and other related devices on public roads and highways – the Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture’s Mobility Robot Experimental Zone.

The company conducted the tests in order to evaluate the wheelchair’s performance and functionality in street crossings, asphalt roads and lawns. The trials were also purposed to assess the chair’s ability to navigate uneven paths and huge bumps.

The company stated that the motorized mobility device borrowed its basic technological design from the standard model of the two-wheeled scooter Segway PT wherein users stand on the device and control it by shifting their weight. The wheelchair uses the scooter’s self-balancing feature but is modified with new requirements.

The Genny Mobility or the Segway wheelchair, with its new modifications guarantees the users an instant and on the spot rotation and forward moving without the need of breaks, handles and even accelerators. The device is built and designed with two parallel wheels and numerous electronic sensors that enable the users to control the movement of the chair. They can move it forward by simply leaning forward and slow it down or stop it by leaning backwards.

The wheelchair is also created with handlebars that are designed for the rotation of the device without complexities leaving the user’s hand free and able to do other things like holding hands with their loved ones while touring the city. The Segway chair is also ingeniously designed to naturally operate on a wide array of surfaces or terrains. The mobility wheel can ride on difficult substrates such as trails, snow, sandy beachfronts and paved roads. The design and technology used in Genny definitely defeats the current conventional chairs available in the market. 

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